Heal Your Skin with Ayurveda

NOVA's Ayurvedic medicine formulas are cleverly crafted to combine various natural Ayurvedic oils/extracts renowned from time immemorial, so as to have a synergistic action on your body, resulting in products which are amazingly efficacious (rapid cure) yet gentle on one's body. We utilize the knowledge & wisdom of ancient Ayurvedic texts for curing & healing the modern you. Our products are 100% eco friendly, alcohol free and animal cruelty free. Most are preservative free.The latest generation owner being a doctor has formulated a range of highly effective Proprietary Ayurvedic medicines using the benefits of Ayurvedic actives (Manjistha, Guladaudi, Saurabhnimba, Nimba, Danti, Haldi, Kesar etc) as per the knowledge and wisdom of the ancient texts. Multiple Ayurvedic actives of the highest quality, in each Proprietary Ayurvedic medicine, have been cleverly combined to act synergistically on the skin/hair to prevent and cure various skin/hair ailments and give amazing results. The Ayurvedic actives, work on problematic skin/ hair to rapidly normalize its functioning, repairing and healing it, restoring it to normal health and appearances.