Nova Ayurvedic Cream

    NOVA Ayurvedic Cream is formulated with the natural goodness of extract of Herbs, Leaves, Stems, and roots, which work synergistically on the skin to normalize its functioning; repairing, healing & invigorating it. It rapidly cures and give amazing results in dry/ rough/ scaly/cracked skin conditions, itching, eczema & rashes and restores the skin to normal health and appearances. It quickly & effectively cures cracked heels & minor cuts/ abrasions/ wounds. It is a potent remedy in certain dry, scaly skin diseases like psoriasis, ichthyosis vulgaris & atopic dermatitis. Experience the amazing healing and curing powers of our ayurvedic formula on your skin.

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About Nova Ayurvedic Cream
  • Contains natural extracts of herbs, leaves, stems and roots which work synergistically on the skin to normalize its functioning, repairing, healing and invigorating it.
  • It Rapidly cures and gives amazing results in a wide range of skin conditions /disease dry/rough/scaly/cracked skin conditions, eczema, itching, and rashes.
  • It quickly and effectively cures cracked heels.
  • Paraben & preservative free.It is proprietary ayurvedic medicine.