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NOVA is one of the pioneers (since 1935 ) of the concept that the bounties of nature contain abundant powers that can be harnessed to safely, gently and effectively improve the human body, mind (aromatherapy)and life.

NOVA is an early believer (since 1935) in Aromatherapy where aromatic essential oils of flowers, leaves, stems and roots are expertly blended to work on the skin nourishing, healing, invigorating and beautifying it and simultaneously on the mind (through their perfume), calming, refreshing and rejuvenating it. Skin & mind therapy are brilliantly integrated in a single natural product.

NOVA's unique natural Cosmetic products indulge your senses while maximising your beauty and using them is an amazingly rewarding experience.

NOVA's Ayurvedic medicine formulas are cleverly crafted to combine various natural Ayurvedic oils/extracts renowned from time immemorial, so as to have a synergistic action on your body, resulting in products which are amazingly efficacious (rapid cure) yet gentle on one's body.

We utilize the knowledge & wisdom of ancient Ayurvedic texts for curing & healing the modern you.

Our products are 100% eco friendly, alcohol free and animal cruelty free. Most are preservative free