Our Heritage

Dr Kamat's knowledge and experience has been handed down to future generations. Future generation of owners have had a PhD chemist/doctor amongst them because it was believed that good product formulation required a continuity in the unique thought/knowledge process of the founder of harnessing the powers of nature to benefit human body and mind, of dedication to customer benefit, of a constant thirst for innovation, of only using the best quality ingredients, all facilitated by the owner being deeply involved in the formulation process and understanding the raw material ingredients he/she is formulating with. Each generation of owners has drawn on the experience and expertise of the previous generation, to the benefit of customers. Our 4 generation heritage adds value to our customers in line with the adage, "If I can look further, it is only because I have stood on the shoulder of giants before me."

Our Cosmetic Range of Products

Our cosmetic range of products cater to and deliver a wide range of customer objectives, while creating a luxurious sensorium, so that using them is truly a pleasure to look forward to. Faithful to our core values they contain luxurious natural essential aromatic oils (like patchouli, lavender, geranium, balsam, vetiver, orange oil etc) of the finest quality, sourced from all over the world (France, Germany, Indonesia, Spain, Brazil, India etc), similar to that found in international luxury cosmetic brands, expertly blended, so that they give your skin/hair the desired benefit (moisturizing, beautifying, healthy, glowing/fairness, nourishing, healing, invigorating, antiageing, anti-hair fall etc) while simultaneously possessing an awesome perfume which acts as a mood elevator, calming, energizing and rejuvenating the mind & body (principles of aromatherapy). The natural aromatic/essential oils while being insanely expensive, give the best results on skin and hair and their benefits far surpass that of any other oils/chemicals used in normal products, without any side effects, which is why they are preferred by international luxury brands. Each aromatic natural essential oil besides being a good emollient also has inherent therapeutic benefits peculiar to that oil, which is why they are considered premium. Undeterred by their high cost, our cosmetic products therefore contain ingredients common to many international, luxury, designer brand cosmetic products, give comparable user results/benefits but at a very affordable Indian price. Affordability for the masses has always been the bedrock of our pricing strategy. Luxury aromatic/essential oils are also used in spas to de stress and refresh/ rejuvenate the mind, while giving a healthy, beautiful and glowing complexion/hair. Our cosmetic products contain many of the aromatic oils used in a luxury spa and bring the same benefits/results, so in a way, when you bring our product home you have a spa in your house.

Range of highly effective Proprietary Ayurvedic medicines

The latest generation owner being a doctor has formulated a range of highly effective Proprietary Ayurvedic medicines using the benefits of Ayurvedic actives (Manjistha, Guladaudi, Saurabhnimba, Nimba, Danti, Haldi, Kesar etc) as per the knowledge and wisdom of the ancient texts. Multiple Ayurvedic actives of the highest quality, in each Proprietary Ayurvedic medicine, have been cleverly combined to act synergistically on the skin/hair to prevent and cure various skin/hair ailments and give amazing results. The Ayurvedic actives, work on problematic skin/ hair to rapidly normalize its functioning, repairing and healing it, restoring it to normal health and appearances.