Nova Luxury Radiance Talc Sandalwood

NOVA Luxury Talc Sandalwood Fresh with deo, natural makeup & sunscreen. Look glamorous and feel fresh & fabulous. Its luxurious sandalwood perfume calms & refreshes the mind & energizes the body. Its perfume has a long-lasting deo-like action. Its soothing appealing sandalwood fragrance makes the mind peaceful & creates the ambience of prayer/devotion.

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About Nova Luxury Radiance Talc Sandalwood

Six benefit formula

  • Absorbs sweat efficiently.
  • Smooth & gentle on skin.
  • Contains makeup, which enhances skin luminance instantly, making one appear fairer/glowing, evens skin tone & reduces visible pores, fine lines & blemishes, enhancing beauty.
  • Deo action controls body odor all day.
  • Contains natural sunscreen.
  • Deo spray like powerful, long-lasting, pleasing Sandalwood perfume.