Nova Eclat Hair, Face and Body Wash

Moisturizes & conditions both skin & hair .It washes your skin gently while leaving you feel clean, fresh & energized. It leaves skin & hair soft, smooth, silky & glowing/shining. One wash leaves you clean, fresh and energized & shinning / glowing  from head to toe.By using it, you avoid the harsh harmful effects of soap on your skin. It functions as a shampoo,facewash,soap/body wash & shaving gel (All in one). The same container can be used hygienically by all family members. Hence it is a Big budget saver.

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About Nova Eclat Hair, Face and Body Wash
  • Neem extract acts as a natural antiseptic, preventing body odor, prickly heat, fungal infections/rashes &  pimples
  • Refreshing luxurious french lavender perfume stimulates, refreshes & rejuvenates the mind & body.
  • Ideal shaving gel due to its lubricating, moisturizing & antiseptic action on skin.
  • Does away with need to use an aftershave/lotion/cream.