Nova Cream Brillantine

NOVA Cream/Brillantine is specially formulated with the natural goodness of extracts of herbs, roots, flowers and balsams. It is an ideal moisturiser for your skin, nourishing, healing & invigorating it. Regular use keeps your skin soft, smooth, healthy, beautifully radiant and prevents wrinkles, dryness, cracked skin, itching  etc. It cures cracked heels rapidly. NOVA Cream/ brillantine contains many precious natural essential oils, used in luxury aroma spas, which are tonic to the skin, rejuvenate the mind (aromatherapy) and make it deal for year round whole body massage. Nova Cream Brillantine is also an ideal dressing for the hair. It styles your hair for the entire day and deeply nourishes the hair roots. Use it regularly for healthy hair

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About Nova Cream Brillantine
  • Skin and Hair cream formulated with the luxurious natural essential aromatic oils of lavender, patchouli, geranium, balsam etc used in luxury spas, which moisturize your skin, nourishing, healing, and invigorating it, while its appealing perfume rejuvenates, refreshes and calms the mind  by principles of aromatherapy.  Now have a spa-like experience at home by using this cream.
  • Preservative (paraben) free.
  • Regular use keeps your skin healthy, soft, smooth & beautifully radiant.
  • Highly efficacious for dry/rough, cracked, scaly skin, cracked heels, itching.
  • Excellent for hair grooming & styling, nourishes the hair roots.
  • Appealing perfume 
  • Ideal for round-the-year use and whole body massage.
  • Daily regular use protects the skin from damage due to harsh weather and pollution.